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Tønsberg Ju Jitsu club offers Ju Jitsu training for the whole family. One can train simultaneously on Monday's, as we provide training for both the children Ju Jitsu group and the adult group, on separate mats.


Our training location is Nyveien 11B, 3157 Barkåker, Tønsberg.

We train in the gym building which is a part of Barkåker primary school. (It's signposted from the road: Barkåker barneskole).



There is free parking outside the building, it's also possible to take the bus.

Bus number 02, from Tønsberg or Horten, it stops a long Hortensveien, the bus stop is called Stuerød/Rakkestad, depending on where you tok the bus from. It’s a short 5 min walk from the stop to the traning location.



Children 9-13 years old.


18:00-19:30: All children belt groups 


Adult’s 14-99 years old.


18:00-19:30: New/White belt- yellow- and up



19:00-20:30: New/White belt- Orange belt- and up

20:30-22:00: Green belt- and up



19:00-21:00: All belts- adults 

(training without instructor, but only buy appointment)




All you need as a beginner is your regular training clothes, preferably clothes without zippers this is to prevent injuries.

No shoes for indoor training needed, we train bearfoot.

Bring some water and join us for a fun training. :)



About Ju Jitsu:

Soft self-defense is a free translation of Ju Jitsu, where Ju means soft or pliable, and Jitsu means art or technique for realistic use.

With realistic means Self Defence, not competitively geared.

One of the fundamental principles of soft self-defense is to utilize the power of the attack, instead of meeting with your own power.

Thereby break the attacker's balance, and you can finish techniques adapted the attack direction, force and speed.

Ju Jitsu is an old self- defence system developed through centuries of samurai’s in Japan . It consists of actual combat techniques like punches, kicks and throws, but also control grips and release projections.

Ju Jitsu combines karate and judo techniques with pure self-defence techniques. This makes Ju Jitsu a unique self- defence system.



For more info, just contact us:

Or give us a call:  986 07 622.

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